‘Big Short’ Michael Burry, Paul Krugman, Mark Cuban Talk Crypto Crash

  • Crypto fans, Critics, and commentators have weighed in after the recent market crash.
  • Michael Burry, Paul Krugman, Mark Cuban, Jim Chanos, and others have shared their views.
  • Here’s a roundup of comments from seven crypto watchers about the plunge in prices.

Bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have plunged into value in recent weeks, sparking a flurry of comments from Critics, proponents, and other market watchers.

Michael Burry has underlined bitcoin’s


While Paul Krugman and Jim Chanos have seized on the crypto crash as evidence the industry is built on hype and speculation, and best seen as a hotbed of fraud, corruption, and predatory behavior.

In contrast, Mark Cuban and Mike Novogratz have Predicted the market downturn will help clean up the crypto Ecosystem, and separate the truly valuable companies and tokens from the rest.

Meanwhile, Suze Orman has warned crypto fans to be careful buying the dip, and Tom Siebel has predicted that plunging coin prices and soaring living costs could drive crypto workers back into traditional jobs.

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Here’s a roundup of what these 7 commentators have said about the crypto crash:


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