GM, Ford win big share of EV purchase by startup subscription company

General Motors and Ford Motor Co. are getting big orders for their electric vehicles from a California-based startup that offers drivers the option to buy a subscription to an EV instead of buying the EV itself.


The company, Autonomy, said Tuesday it placed an order for 23,000 EVs with 17 global automakers to expand its subscription fleet beyond Tesla, which is the only EV it offers. This new Fleet order is valued at $1.2 billion.

While Tesla still got the lion’s share of the new order — 8,300 vehicles valued at $443 million — GM and Ford came in near the top.

Here is a snapshot of some of the bigger orders:

  • GM: Order for 3,400 EVs valued at $138 million.
  • Ford: Order for 1,800 EVs valued at $88 million.
  • Volkswagen: Order for 2,200 EVs worth $107 million.
  • Hyundai: Order for 1,640 EVs worth $74 million.
  • Kia: Order for 1,500 EVs worth $69 million.
  • Rivian: Order for 1,000 EVs worth $72 million.

Autonomy said it plans to order from Stellantis in the future.

GM and Ford did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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