“I Don’t Need Sunscreen”: 50 People Who Thought So And Ended Up Looking Like Dorks (New Pics)

Always wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and try to avoid direct sunlight when it’s super hot outside. It’s the middle of the summer right now and one of the biggest Joys for many folks is soaking up some rays and stocking up on vitamin D. Sunlight is important for our physical and mental health, but too much ultraviolet light can be harmful, painful, and… embarrassing.


To remind you to prioritize your health when it’s sunny (and to give you a hearty laugh), our team here at Bored Panda has collected some of the biggest Sunburn fails from all over the net. The photos show what happens when you forget to put on sunscreen, miss a spot, or if you wear hats and clothing with cut-out shapes in the fabric.

Scroll down, upvote the pics that you found the funniest, and tell us about the worst Sunburn you’ve ever gotten in the comments. Meanwhile, you’ll find Bored Panda’s earlier list about the most hilarious sunburns over here.

Just remember: stay safe; don’t be lazy, don’t be stubborn, and put on some darn sunscreen!

Dr. Andrew Carroll, the CEO/Medical Director of Atembis LLC and Family Physician, was kind enough to share his expertise with Bored Panda. They explained why it’s important to get daily sunlight, how we can tell when we’re going overboard, and how to convince someone to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. You’ll find the expert’s Insights as you scroll down.



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