South Florida travelers wary on day after hundreds of cancellations and delays

MIAMI – There are already cancellations popping up on the board at Miami International Airport Saturday following a day where officials said around 200 flights were canceled or delayed.


Several airlines were affected but now the issues were with American Airlines.

An MIA representative told Local 10 News the airport experienced all those cancellations and delays mainly due to weather and air traffic control impacts.

Officials told Local 10 News that as of Saturday afternoon, 12 flights had been canceled due to thunderstorms in Central Florida that were moving south, and that additional cancellations and delays were expected.

Further north in Fort Lauderdale, officials said they had around 15 cancellations and approximately 192 flight delays Friday, also likely because of the weather.

Airport officials said for Saturday, they are expecting around 16 cancellations and 44 delays.

It obviously frustrated many travelers, although some Local 10 News spoke to said you just have to have Patience.


“I’ve been traveling for 50 years, and I’ve seen it all,” said Traveler Bernie Markowski. “There’s nothing you can do, why get upset? Just plug away and keep a positive attitude and that’s all there is. ”

Video from inside the airport on Friday night showed long lines of people whose flights were canceled, and they were working to get rebooked.

Obviously a very frustrating experience for many.

Airlines and airports said Saturday they’re doing everything they can to make sure things run as smoothly as possible for travelers.

Anyone heading out Saturday is urged to make sure to give themselves time and keep up to date with their flight status.

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