This Facebook Group Documents Examples Of Bad Drivers, Here Are 50 Of Their Funniest Posts (New Pics)

Ah, the Joy of having a driver’s license. I remember the amazing feeling of sweet freedom I experienced on my 16th birthday when I was told I passed my driving test. Suddenly, I felt like an adult, and the world (or at least my hometown) was my oyster. I felt mature, as I understood the responsibility that the open road comes along with, but I was excited for all of the new opportunities at my fingertips. A road trip to the beach with my friends? Stopping for coffee on the way to school in the morning? Being able to get a job because I could actually take myself there? I was thrilled!


Until I realized very quickly that driving can also expose you to the very worst parts of humanity. From Encountering terrifying road rage to dodging erratic sports cars speeding down the highway, any driver will have Moments where they question how on earth some people were able to get their licenses. Thankfully, the members of the Bad Drivers Facebook group are never too far away, and they’re prepared to mock the worst offenses they catch. We’ve gathered some of the most hilarious posts from Bad Drivers for you to enjoy down below, but they may also serve as a reminder to be careful on those streets. It’s a dangerous world out there, so be sure to upvote the pics you think are the best cautionary tales, and then if you’re interested in checking out Bored Panda‘s last publication on the same Facebook group, you can find more bad driver content right here.



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