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It’s now been essentially a month since the FDA inexcusably authorized the mRNA Vaccines for children aged 6 months to 5 years old.


The decision, based on efficacy estimates that would have failed the standard set by the FDA to authorize the Vaccines for adults, was greeted with Acclaim by COVID fanatics and dismay by evidence based experts.

In fact, many top employees at the regulatory body and other public health agencies have quit in protest, believing that the authorization was politically motivated:

The rush to push the mRNA shots on young children was bewildering for several reasons.

COVID Vaccines were initially authorized on an emergency use basis; except with the risks of severe illness so remarkably low among young kids, there is no real emergency for this age group.

Not to mention the lack of long-term safety data, especially considering the now established risks of myocarditis. There’s also the fact that the Vaccines were based on the original variant, which essentially no longer exists.

Discussions have already begun about updating the Vaccines for the Omicron variant and mutations will continue indefinitely. Why Rush to authorize the shots when they’re already out of date?

It seems that most parents across the country agree with these flaws.

According to recent data, only 2% of children under 5 across the country have been vaccinated for COVID.

That is an utter disaster for the Biden administration and the public health agencies they control.

They pushed the FDA to Rush these Vaccines out, and they’ve been overwhelmingly rejected.

While the report provides several excuses such as parents being used to getting their young kids vaccinated during visits to the pediatrician, this is the most widely publicized virus on earth. If parents really believed these shots were necessary or “safe and effective” for children, they would be making appointments at government-run vaccination sites.

Instead, despite the Biden administration’s best efforts, most have correctly realized that there is no demonstrable benefit for this age group and not an insignificant amount of risk.

Each time the “experts” and their political bosses roll out another Supposed “intervention” with the implication that this will finally be the one to prevent the spread of COVID, they get less uptake.

Booster shots have not been as widely adopted as the original series. The second boosters will be even less popular.

Now parents have shown little to no interest in early childhood vaccinations.

This is the only way to ensure that COVID does not become a permanent feature of discussion; showing those in charge that no one is listening to them anymore.

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